Ember Tumbler

De Ember Tumbler is ontworpen om te worden gebruikt waar het leven je ook brengt, en doet meer dan alleen je koffie warm houden. De Tumbler van 475 ml, onze grootste mok tot dusver, laat je een exacte drinktemperatuur instellen en houdt die tot 3 uur vast, zodat je koffie nooit te heet of te koud is. Hij is voorzien van onze meest geavanceerde chip ooit voor verbeterde Bluetooth®-betrouwbaarheid en een simpeler koppelproces. Alle Tumblers worden geleverd met twee verschillende deksels: je kunt kiezen tussen het lekvrije handvatdeksel of het morsbestendige schuifdeksel.

De Ember Tumbler heeft een duurzame roestvrijstalen constructie, is gemakkelijk schoon te maken en kan veilig tot 1 meter diep in water worden ondergedompeld. Beide deksels zijn vaatwasmachinebestendig.

Smart LED

Indicates when beverage has reached its perfect temperature and more.

Built-In Battery

3 hours* or all day when placed on charging coaster.

Auto Sleep

Intelligently senses when to turn on and off.

Temperature Range

120°F - 145°F (50°C - 62.5 °C). Select your temperature with the Ember app.

Product Details

Tumbler specifications
Charging Coaster is 3.86 inches (98 mm) wide

Ember Tumbler, 16 oz (473mL) has a weight of 17.2 oz (487g) and measures 3.3 inches (85.3 mm) in width and 6.5 inches (165 mm) in height, excluding any lids.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The difference between the Ember Tumbler and a typical vacuum-insulated tumbler is that the Ember Tumbler can keep your favorite hot beverage at your exact drinking temperature down to the degree. With Ember's patented technology, multiple precision sensors are able to ensure accurate temperature and liquid levels. Without the need for double walled insulation, you can feel the warmth of your drink through the Tumbler for that extra cozy sensation.

Simply pour in your favorite hot beverage and let the Ember Tumbler do the rest! The LED light will indicate when your Ember is trying to reach the perfect temperature and when it’s ready for you to enjoy. You can also connect the Ember to your smartphone via Bluetooth, by downloading the Ember app. The Ember app will allow you to adjust your preferred temperature, add preset temperatures, and notify you when your beverage has hit your perfect drinking temperature.

Do not microwave the Ember Tumbler! The Ember Tumbler is an electronic device, which should never go in a microwave. As with all electronics and metals, it may result in a fire when heated up in the microwave. Doing so will result in permanent damage to your Ember Tumbler.

No! Every Ember Tumbler is preset to 135°F for you to enjoy right out of the box.

Using the mug independently will limit you from customizing specific feature from the Ember mobile app such as adding a custom LED color or setting a specific preferred temperature between 120°F - 145°F.

The Ember Tumbler was designed to last for up to 3 hours when poured in hot at a set temperature of 135°F.

The battery life of your hot mug depends on a number of factors including but not limited to: external temperature, liquid temperature at pour, speed of liquid consumption, and your set temperature.

Due to iOS and Android bluetooth updates, not all phones may be compatible with the Ember App. We're continually adding more devices and improving our compatibility. See our full list of compatible devices.

*Newer devices not listed may still be compatible, but have not yet been tested by our team.